Benefits of the Legal Directives Donor Rewards Program

Special partner pricing

Customized wallet cards
featuring your non-profit's logo

Customized landing page for your donor's to access and enroll

Delivery of wallet cards to your donors within two weeks of enrollment
The Legal Directives Donor Rewards Program is designed for charitable organizations and non-profits seeking to foster lasting, long term relationships with donors.

A Legal Directives membership is a cost effective benefit that makes donors feel appreciated and encourages future gifts.
Legal Directives Card

Non-Profit Partner Testimonial

"As a planned giving professional at multiple charities the last 15 years, this is one of the most meaningful and service focused stewardship experiences I’ve seen. I am always looking for opportunities to thank and provide meaningful value to the donors who contribute to the success of our organization. Being ready for medical emergencies is relevant to everyone and this card makes that just a bit easier in hard moments. I also like that the Legal Directives Donor Rewards Program is another annual touch point with each donor that uses it, while being incredibly cost effective."

Brian Nielson
Planned Giving Professional