About Legal Directives

With Legal Directives you can rest assured that your physician, family members, and emergency medical personnel will have your legal healthcare instructions when they are needed.

Healthcare directives and other legal documents are only effective if they are available when needed by those attending to your health care needs. Most individuals have written healthcare instructions, such as living wills and health care powers of attorney, but when the time comes for those instructions to be followed, they are often difficult to locate.

The Legal Directives Medical Access Program solves this problem. When your documents are needed, you can rest assured that your physician, family members and emergency medical personnel will have the instructions in their hands immediately.

Legal Directives Card

Legal Directives, LLC provides immediate access to all of your important health care documents and medical information, including your:

  • Living Will
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Primary Care Physician Information
  • Allergies and Medical Conditions

We provide this access by securely storing your health care documents and information and then faxing them or making them available online, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. Upon enrolling in our program, you will be mailed a wallet card that can be used by physicians or family members in the event of an emergency. The physician or family member simply follows the instructions on the card and Legal Directives, LLC will transmit within minutes, upon upon receipt of a request, a copy of the health care documents and instructions to the requesting party.