How to Enroll in Legal Directives

  1. Download, complete and sign the attached Enrollment Form.
  2. Mail the completed enrollment form including your emergency contact information, primary care physician information, allergies and medical conditions, along with a copy of your healthcare documents you want us to store and make available (Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, and HIPAA Authorization Form). Enrollment should be submitted to the following address:
    Legal Directives, LLC
    Enrollment Department
    P.O. Box 1798
    Matthews, NC 28106
  3. Within 2 weeks after we receive the completed enrollment form, the storage of your documents and information will be complete. You will then receive through the mail a wallet card indicating your membership, which will include instructions on the card for your physician, your family or emergency medical personnel to access the health care directives and medical information we are securely storing for you.
  4. Any time your medical directives or emergency medical information are requested, we will fax or make available online the information and health care directives we are storing for you, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Membership Pricing

One year $30

Two years $48

Five years $95

Legal Directives Card

Legal Directives Member Enrollment

Complete an enrollment form and submit it via fax, mail or email to Legal Directives along with a copy of your healthcare directives and your emergency and physician information. Our team will create an account for you and upload your directives and information into your secure online account.

Once enrolled, we will mail you a wallet card containing instructions for retrieving your healthcare directives, emergency contacts and physician information. Included with the wallet card are stickers to place on your drivers license alerting emergency responders that your Legal Directives wallet card contains instructions.

The Legal Directives wallet card gives emergency responders and hospitals two ways to access your important healthcare directives and emergency contacts. They may use our automated phone system or login through an online portal. Either way, Legal Directives provides the directives needed in the case of an emergency.